I’m turning 39++ and in my 20 years of IT I have seen and did many things


  • My first day on the job I broke the SCM. Destroyed completely
  • I sent 3 people for a week to another country to fix something for a boolean I forgot to reset
  • I forgot to invoice USD 50k after a fix to an invoicing software
  • Did UI skins in java in year 2001
  • Worked with IBM visual age for java!
  • I’ve seen XML born
  • Worked in IBM
  • I coded in SmallTalk, FrontPage, Java AWT , Textile apps, and IoT
  • I coded SOA , REST, SOAP services and microservices
  • I coded a POS ,  backoffice and mobile apps
  • I have seen OS2 (looks like this)
  • We wrote SQL in the JSPs
  • I interviewed many people, few good
  • Visited India, US, Chile , Peru, Uruguay for work.
  • Saw James Gosling in person! this is the guy
  • Got fired from a startup in the year 2000 bubble
  • Deployed java apps in AS400! ( I bet just a few did that)
  • Worked remotely with people in Italy, India, Denmark, Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Uruguay, United States, Spain, New Zeland, Dubai, England
  • My first programming book was Javascript in 1996
  • I coded a call center app
  • Tried college 3 times
  • Had Gmail since 2004
  • Used ICQ, MSN Messenger and IE 4
  • Download 4MB of Internet Explorer 4 thru the whole night connected to a modem.
  • Learned with the IBM Red books
  • Played the first version of DOOM
  • Coded in a Commodore 64!
  • I got evacuated for fire many times
  • I got into the office and it was robbed thru the night
  • I got fired and I got another job the same day


Happy coding !

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