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How To Force SSL for Tomcat with AWS ELB in Front

The problem You have an awesome Java app that is growing like crazy and you need to be on top of it. You will start spawning servers to scale horizontally and putting a reliable balancer in front. AWS ELB is a good one but it will not solve all your needs out of the box. […]

I’m 39++

I’m turning 39++¬†and in my 20 years of IT I have seen and did many things   My first day on the job I broke the SCM. Destroyed¬†completely I sent 3 people for a week to another country to fix something for a boolean I forgot to reset I forgot to invoice USD 50k after […]

Poor’s Man Monitoring & Recovery

When you are not willing to pay for monitoring services like AppDynamics (80k /y ) or UptimeMonitor (monthly fee) you still have a cheap shell script based solution. Shells scripts and Slack are your friends. Scenario You have a Tomcat webserver running and you want to take action if it dies and notify of the […]

How to Copy all the Jenkins Jobs programmatically

We are moving our projects from dev to qa and production. It is kind of painful to redo all jobs in jenkins or copy them individually. So using the scripting capabilities of Jenkins (groovy) we can copy the jobs with a new name and move them if you want to another view.

Track Functionality Usage With Splunk

I have been playing lately with Splunk and let me tell you… WOW! Awesome tool. You can have N servers forwarding logs to a main server where you can search using SPL to query all over those inputs. Here I will demostrate how to make a simple stat usage of your website that you can […]

How To Use GSON To Parse Dates for MongoDB

How using GSON convert Date objects to mongo’s date format in Java